Benefits for Construction Companies/Organisations

I help Companies & Organisations improve their awareness of Suicide & Mental Health for staff & employees / contractors through a specifically developed two hour program outlining the benefits of how to sustainably transform individuals and organisations from the inside out in order to create meaningful and lasting change.  Organisational mindset governs the choices and behaviours of people within the organisation and the resulting experience and organisational ‘vibe,’ or culture.  I empower people with resilience, self-belief and knowing that they are enough.  Personnel are happier at work achieving greater , perform their duties and have pride in themselves, their work and accomplishments.  It’s about giving back to humanity and working together to create a better workplace for everyone.

  • I break down the stigma associated with Mental illness, Depression and Suicide through Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™), it is the most powerful tool with the most successful outcomes
  • Construction company or organisation sessions are Free-of-Charge and sponsored by TAM ( ) as always, any and all financial support for our programs will be 100% utilised to help individuals in need.
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