RTHC does not actively source sponsorship support for Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention sponsorship if you are in the Construction or Civil Industry employer or individual, and you would like to have Venetia from RTHC deliver a Mental Health Awareness session for your staff or workers free-of-charge, or you would like to help with funding for this important issue, email Venetia



TAM is a premium construction training organisation which delivers & supports Indigenous Civil Programs, Women in Construction, Bullying Intervention Programs, and is fully committed to work with RTHC and Venetia as she addresses Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Programs to construction business and construction workers ‘one-at-a-time’

$ 50,000


As Builders, we interact with Construction workers on a daily basis, JVR Construction Group applauds TAM and Venetia from RTHC to take on this ever growing concern for our fellow construction workers, Mental Health and Suicide thoughts, not alone actions, are simply not acceptable, and we are here to help in any way we can.

$ 10,000
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